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Live in Abundance.

Walking into a shop that sells Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company products is an experience that makes you want to linger. Can you decide which collection you love best? With eight collections inspired by coastal living, it may be hard to choose!

Pearl & Daisy's artisan soap and bath products are a delight for all of the senses. Essential oils distilled from fresh flowers, fruit and plants are blended for glorious natural scents. The beautiful packaging makes Pearl & Daisy a fabulous gift for someone special, and a nice little treat for yourself.

Authentically handcrafted and 100% natural, Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company products are sold in upscale gift boutiques, gallery shops, and home decor stores across Canada and the USA.

Canadian customers can order products online at with $5 shipping for most items and free shipping for all orders over $50.

photo: Jennifer's of Nova Scotia, Halifax

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